Time to downsize?

Not many people actually want to down size and it’s possibly the most difficult house moving decision of all! We’ve seen people take years and even decades achieving this type of move. Often failing health and having family who live a long distance away add more urgency to making the decision . A hard to heat, expensive to run and difficult to maintain home also make downsizing seem a much more comfortable future and more desirable in the end.

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Beware well-meaning and caring close family trying to persuade you to move before you necessarily have to though. Leaving good local friends and familiar surroundings is a big step. Only do it when you feel ready, but if you leave it too late you may end up downsizing and moving house when you can least cope with it, or your house has lost value due to lack of maintenance. Don’t get to that point.

Like a retirement move, there is no harm in planning this type of move years ahead and with downsizing, taking all your furniture with you may not be an option. Start clearing out well in advance. Give away and sell things you won’t need to take as soon as possible, before you even come onto the market. This will mean your house is tidy and uncluttered and the good presentation will not only save you on removal expenses but may result in a higher sale price and a quicker sale too.

Although it may take years to make the decision before eventually coming onto the market, don’t expect that it will take years to sell! 6 months is a good timescale to aim for and beyond 1 year will just leave you feeling in limbo.

Moving to your next home ought to be a manageable and enjoyable experience to look forward to, opening up all sorts of opportunities, meeting new people and enjoying comfortable secure benefits in the future.

By all means look around at what is available to move to in the future, but don’t become a serious house hunter until your own house is up for sale. Setting your heart on your next home before you can actually buy it will almost certainly result in stress, anxiety and very often disappointment.

If you have already found the next home of your dreams, prompt action on your part by getting your house properly presented, choosing the most appropriate estate agent and making sure you don’t overprice on day one will always help you sell quickly if you need to.

Give me a call, explain to me exactly what you want to achieve with your move and we can advise on how and when to start. Please telephone us or come and call in.

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