Selling your Home

1. Getting the price right.

Accurate and realistic valuations conducted by our experienced valuers make sure your property is priced to sell at the correct market value. We don’t want you to lose out financially, nor be left hanging on the market indefinitely so we make sure we get this just right and we can also help owners identify key selling points that can add value to their properties.

2. Ready to sell?

So you’re now ready to sell? But are you really? There are a few things that you may need to do before you put your property on the market.

Have you obtained an EPC? All vendors must now obtain an energy performance certificate, before they market their homes. We can save you time and put you in contact with a local accredited domestic energy assessor.

Are there any little jobs that have been highlighted during your valuation that need doing before we take photographs and you are ready to accept viewings? Making your property more appealing to potential buyers can improve your property’s value. Plus as buyers often make their mind up within just a few minutes, making a great first impression can really help you reach your target value.

We can offer lots of useful tips on de-cluttering, home staging and creating great doorstep appeal. Our team have lots of experience and know what buyers are looking for and are always happy to help.

3. And roll the cameras...

Now you’re ready for us to take some fantastic photographs and create your very own targeted sales and marketing plan.

We are meticulous over providing accurate details and descriptions. We believe the right words sell houses just as effectively as pictures so we make sure we get this right.

Every property is unique so we assess the best possible ways to showcase yours and maximise its potential. We want to reach the right pairs of eyes, so as well as identifying potential buyers from our portfolio, we actively market both nationally and locally to optimise your exposure.

To make sure your property is presented at its very best at all times, we’ve also invested in our easy to use website which is 100% mobile-friendly and receives high volumes of visitors. Plus with detailed floorplans and amenity data, potential buyers know just how great it would be to live here.

4. Knock knock!

Hurray! We’ve found you lots of potential buyers. Should we just send them round?

We wouldn’t want to let a stranger in to our own homes so we would never expect you to either. All of our buyers are carefully verified and we are happy to conduct accompanied viewings. We can also conduct viewings for you when you’re at work or away. Just drop the keys off at our office and leave it to us. We promise to take great care of your property.

5. Offers

So now the offers are coming in and you need to choose one to accept. We negotiate with buyers to help you achieve your goals. You may have your own timetable or chain to consider so we give you all the information you need to make your own decision and we never withhold offers.

6. Conveyancing

Now you’ve agreed on a buyer, getting all the paperwork in order is the next step and we can offer you sound advice on appointing an appropriate conveyancing solicitor. We know all the best ones to use and are happy to point you in the right direction.

7. Moving Day!

At last, the big day has come. Everything is in the van, you’ve read the meters and signed all the paperwork and we’re all ready to hand over the keys to your buyer.


Don't forget to let us know where you are moving to as we often have to reunite lost teddies with their young owners.

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