Need to organise a Probate Sale?

We hope our experience with probate sales will help you.

We understand that being an executor involves a lot of work and it's a serious responsibility requiring a big commitment on your time. When the time comes you will probably appreciate the more we do, in terms of daily involvement with the property sale, and less the demand on you, the better.

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You may be one of several executors involved. There are also often numerous beneficiaries with “an interest” and you have legal responsibilities to them which you must adhere to. That is apart from all of the other administration and tasks connected with the estate.

We have always found that good communication helps to minimise tensions between those involved and we often end up becoming the diplomatic central point of contact.

Our own personalised administration system means that keeping in touch with you and other co-executors can easily be done from our end. Texts to mobile phones and emails can instantly and simultaneously be sent out and so you are all “kept in the loop” and nobody gets left out.

With an executors property sale, one of the first things is often the probate valuation. We believe a formal written valuation should be relied upon especially if the estate is subject to taxation. Call us now and save money by having your probate valuation included within our sales commission fee.

Before you can start marketing the property there may also be some administration to do.

The time before marketing can be used to advantage by preparing the property for sale. It usually has to be cleared anyway and it's best dealing with this sooner rather than later. Emptying the property can sometimes mean savings on council tax. Very often it will also mean the property is also better presented for sale. We may be able to advise you about house clearances, cleaners, home staging etc.

If the probate is simple, marketing can sometimes be commenced before probate is actually granted. This is probably not recommended where the estate is complicated because the home cannot actually be sold until deed of probate has been granted.

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