I should be ready soon!

If coming on the market is only a matter of a few weeks away don’t rush into the big mistake that so many eager sellers make. Getting free valuations on your home from agents before you have really finished preparing it fully can potentially lead to your home being under valued.

We are sure you only want to hear the highest valuation we can give you! Only arrange for us to visit you when you have fully finished preparing.

We understand that sometimes it is difficult to decide what jobs are worth doing and what isn’t cost effective to carry out. Shall I do this? or shall I do that before selling? These are questions we get asked every week.

I am pleased to be able to offer you some final home preparation advice before you are ready for an actual valuation. Telephone me right now or arrange a premarket consultation without delay! A preliminary visit like this can usually be done in 20 minutes or ½ an hour and our full market appraisal and valuation can be set for another date in the near future when you are fully prepared.

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