How to show your home at its best using video

How to show your home at its best using video

Posted on Monday, January 22, 2018

Video has the two big advantages over still photographs because it can convey movement and sound.

What movement can you show off in your home? Light the fire – footage of colourful dancing flames brings warmth and life when showing an open fire. Video action can highlight a luxury bathroom capturing the spray or steam from a shower or water flowing from taps. Movement can capture the happy lifestyle a home offers - a family or pets having fun playing outside or birds, wildlife or a fountain in a garden. Camera movement can be used to provide a first person perspective and recreate a person walk through tour of the property room by room.

Be quiet for a minute and listen - The sound can bring context to the video by capturing background noises like an antique clock ticking or door latches being closed but it can really come in to its own if you have a peaceful garden with bird song, wind rustling through the trees or the sound of a garden water feature. A soundtrack means commentary can also be given to provide interesting facts and backround information about the property.

Location Location Location – Show off the location of your home with local shots and aerial footage. Bear in mind lots of your potential buyers come from hundreds of miles away and are not familiar with the locality. Everyone agrees location is the single most important factor affecting value and there’s no easier way to show it off than using video. If its rural or you have no close neighbours aerial video can be even more spectacular!

Have a quick think about what main attributes your home has, jot them down and we can talk about how to show them off to best effect using video photography.

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