How to improve the value of your home if you’re moving in 2018

How to improve the value of your home if you’re moving in 2018

Posted on Sunday, December 17, 2017

Most of our customers are mainly interested in how quickly and how much they will get for their property. Probably at least half the homes I go and see for the first time can easily be improved in value with just a little bit of effort and not very much expenditure at all.

If you’re thinking of selling in the next few months it’s probably too late to consider major improvements and large scale expenditure could be rather speculative if you’re only doing it for someone else .

For most properties any tweaks you can make that will improve the value could have the added benefit off also improving saleability too – It’s win win! Sell faster and sell for more! So listen up pay attention and call me if you need more guidance.

Before you start spending money look at making some cash – clearing out your sheds, loft and garage can raise cash at car boot sales or on ebay or clear out faster and donate to the charity shops. Once you’ve cleared out these areas start again indoors and even if you can’t bring yourself to get rid of sentimental clutter buy some ridged cardboard boxes, start your packing early and store it all away out of sight in the cleared out loft. All these clearing our will also give you more room to work around when doing other jobs preparing your home for sale

Some of the most effective improvements I have seen myself that I can pass on to you are only weekend and evening jobs.

Paintwork and décor is very visual and if it’s not in good condition your property can  look neglected and badly maintained even before viewers get in doors. Look at the before and after shots of this porch it’s a classic example of paint being worth £25 in the tin and £1000 on the woodwork!

I’ve also seen homes that have been given a significant lift without even doing the painting. Just washing paintwork down with sugar soap or detergent can bring back some freshness. This can be especially effective on white Upvc cladding fascias and windows. Instead of splashing out on brand new carpets, professional cleaning can often bring them back to life very cost effectively.

Once you’ve thought about doing all these basics, please take a few minutes to scan through my e book about making the final touches – Click here for a link to access it.

By all means call me for advice, but, if you want the best price don’t ask any agents to do a free valuation until you've done everything you can everything is all looking its best.

All the best to you and thanks for our interest.