Communication is key to a smooth move

Communication is key to a smooth move

Posted on Thursday, May 10, 2018

Make sure your estate agent has all your contact details on file. Let them know your preferred method of communication and try to ensure you can usually pick up messages at least every morning or afternoon. When your home is on the market this is the time to keep your mobile with you and check emails more frequently. Don’t forget to make sure answerphone systems are set up and operating properly and then remember to check them for messages!

If you plan to go away for a few days let everyone know in advance if you’re not going to be near a phone or not checking e mail. Sometimes it means meetings can be booked, documents signed or fees paid before you go so that everything is ready upon your return.

Easy contact is essential for arranging viewings and last minute delays and rearrangements can also be easily sorted out if your agent has work, home and mobile phone numbers that you are available on.

E mail confirmations are much faster than letters and are another good way of sending reminders or recording times and arrangements.

Once you’ve got a sale, it will go through days if not weeks faster if you are easily contacted and provide prompt responses not only to your estate agent but also your solicitor, your purchasers surveyor and any financial advisor helping you.

At Sanderson estate agents we have put a special system in place this year. We can personally keep in contact with not only you yourself by mobile, text or e mail, but also anyone else you are buying or selling with. So if you’re busy in a meeting or driving, your partner can also receive the same messages which are sent to a different phone or e mail address too.

If this sounds helpful to you I’d be glad to hear from you.