Local towns and villages in our area are truly bilingual. The Cymraeg (Welsh) language is thriving and as one of the oldest languages in Europe and the most successfully preserved Celtic dialect, its use has not only been a source of local pride, it’s also on the increase and gaining popularity.

Ensuring our national heritage for future generations includes preserving this poetic language and if you are new to the area, we hope you will take the opportunity to embrace it and maybe learn some too.

For newcomers, Welsh is much simpler to pick up than they often assume. As a phonetic language, the confusion between spellings and sounds are removed. Although there are some new sounds in the Welsh alphabet that may seem strange to begin with, it is a wonderfully rich and colourful language and great fun to learn.

If you are thinking of raising a family in Wales, your children will be taught Welsh, alongside English in school until they are 16 so it makes great sense for the grown-ups to have a go too. At least then you’ll be able to help them with their homework and know what they’re talking about, which is very useful if you have teenagers!

There are plenty of local classes to attend and it’s also a great way of helping you to make new friends and settle into the area. You’ll also then be able to fully appreciate and enjoy the lively music scene (the Welsh choirs are fantastic here!) and enjoy some of the many local literature and poetry events taking place throughout the year. Plus with S4C broadcasting some of Wales’ most popular programmes in Welsh (with English sub-titles), we wouldn’t want you to miss out.

Here’s a few popular phrases to get you started...

  • Good Morning - Bore Da ("Borra-daa")
  • How are you? – Sud ydach chi? ("Sit dach chee" ch as in Loch Ness)
  • Very good thanks – Da iawn diolch ("Die yown dee-olch")
  • Can I have a cup of tea, please - Gai baned, plis ("Guy baa-ned, please")
  • Can I have... – Gai... ("Guy...")
  • cake – cacen ("kaken")
  • drink - diod ("deeod")
  • sandwich - brechdan – ("brechdan")
  • ice cream – hufen îa ("heeven ee-á")
  • menu – bwydlen ("booeedlen")
  • Thank you – Diolch ("Dee-olch")

And one of our favourites...

  • Fantastic! – Bendigedig (“Bendi-ge-dig”)

Count to 10 in Welsh

  1. One - Un ("een")
  2. Two - Dau ("die")
  3. Three - Tri ("Tree")
  4. Four - Pedwar ("ped-waar")
  5. Five - Pump ("pimp")
  6. Six - Chwech ("ch-we-ch" ch as in Loch Ness)
  7. Seven - Seith ("sigh-th")
  8. Eight - Wyth ("with")
  9. Nine - Naw ("now")
  10. Ten - Deg ("deg")

Out and About

Many Welsh place names tell you a lot about their history and where they are situated.

When you look on a map or the internet and one of these words make up part of a place name, you can be pretty confident as to their geographical position or what they are.

Aber - Estuary
Afon - River
Amgueddfa - Museum
Bro - Area district
Bryn - Hill
Cae - Field
Caer - Fort
Canolfan - Centre
Capel - Chapel
Castell - Castle
Cilgant - Crescent
Clos - Close
Coed - Wood

Coleg - College
Cwm - Valley
Cwrt - Court
Dinas - City
Dol - Meadow
Eglwys - Church
Felin - Mill
Fferm - Farm
Ffordd – Road, Way
Gelli - Grove
Gerddi - Gardens
Heol - Road
Isaf - Lower

Llan - Church, Parish
Llyn - Lake
Lon - Lane
Maes - Open area, field
Mor - Sea
Mynydd - Mountain
Oriel - Gallery
Parc - Park
Pen - Top, end
Pentref - Village
Plas - Mansion
Pont - Bridge
Prifysgol - University

Pwll nofio - Swimming pool Rheadr - Waterfall
Rhes - Terrace, row
Rhiw - Incline, hill
Rhodfa - Avenue
Sgwar - Square
Stryd - Street
Swyddfa Post - Post office
Tref, Tre - Town
Ty - House
Traeth - Beach
Uchaf - Upper
Ysbyty - Hospital
Ysgol - School
Ystad - Estate
Ystrad - Vale

The same applies to house names. What would you call your perfect new home?

Try using some of these words to create your dream home name:

Argoed - By the trees
Bronafon - River Hill
Bryn Golygfa - Hill View
Cae - Field
Cae Canol Mawr - Big Middle Field
Cartrefle - Home Place
Dechrau Newydd - New Start
Drews y Coed - Door to the woods

Ffordd - Road
Ger y Mor - By the Sea
Hen Bethau - Old Things
Hendre - Old Town
Llechwedd - Steep Slope
Pen y Grisiau - Top of the Stairs
Plas Olau - Palace of Light
Plas yn Dre - Town Palace

Swn y Nant - Sound of the Stream
Swn y Mor - Sound of the Sea
Tan y Coed - Edge of the Woods
Tawelfan - Quiet Place
Ty Canol - Middle House
Ty Coch - Red House
Ty Llwyd - Grey House
Ty'r Mawr - Big House

So we’d just like to say “diolch i chi am ymweld â'n gwefan, ac rydym yn gobeithio gweld chi eto cyn bo hir”.

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